Saturday, July 16, 2011

What motivates you?

So many times I people say to me, "gosh I wish I had your motivation" or they ask where I get my motivation! Well my motivation comes from the strong desire to stay alive. Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer 15 yrs ago and going thru many recurrences and struggling to stay alive. In 2007 my doctors told me that I only 12-18 months to live and right then and there I decided to choose life! Can I say to you that immediately I jumped on the bandwagon of weight loss. NO! But I started making small changes and finding out what I could do differently to impact my cancer journey. Not only my own health motivated me to get healthy but that of my family members. I watched my brother have numerous heart attacks and had watched my grandparents and parents suffer from all the comorbidities of being obese. Yet I followed their paths! Wake up call peeps! I didn't have to suffer the same fate as them! We all have choices!

So this weekend take a moment and sit with your thoughts and ask, why did I set our on this journey? What prompted me to make a change? Odds are it was more than simple poundage! Dig deep! Get in touch with the feelings that you are afraid to let see the light of day. Believe me, once they are out, they can no longer control you. Write a list of reasons you want to continue to get healthy. Then next to the same list, write the excuses you give yourself daily. Now which list do you think will help your goals come to fruition!? After that is said and done, write yourself a list of ways you are going to help yourself get to the end of the rainbow. Remember people, this is not a race but a journey of self discovery. It has been 27 months since I turned towards a more healthy lifestyle and on that journey I've discovered many things about myself. Some good, some not so good! But the fact is, I'm continuing to grow as an individual and I finally like who I am!

Enjoying a Jilly's Cupcake for my 15 yr cancerversary
 So you want to know what motivated my morning run? This...........

Now it's time for you to decide what's going to motivate you to move forward and grab your goals!

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